2019 KLIM Gear unboxing | 5 Things to Consider When Buying Outerwear

Here a list of 5 Different things you should be considering when buying a new piece of Snowmobile gear or Outerwear


1. Price - Spend your money on jackets, pants and Boots. Not fancy base layers and insulating layers if you’re on a budget.

2. Durability VS weight - If its strong its probably heavy and if its light it’s probably weak. That statement still rings true when it comes to technical gear!

3.  Insulated or Not - Know where you ride. If your a mountain rider don’t sweat yourself out with a insulated jacket! Use you’re layering systems to regulate body heat! 

4. Fit -  figure out your style. Klim and other manufacturers offer multiple styles for riders of all shapes and sizes.  When it comes to winter Outerwear fit is a big part of function!

5. Quantity - you probably don’t need two sets of jackets and bibs but you will need multiple sets of goggles and gloves!


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